Take Control of Your Health and Reverse Pre or Type 2 Diabetes with Our Proven Programs

Begin your journey  to a fitter, healthier body, with Type 2 To Health®, a fully online program that will help you take your life back into your own hands with the potential to reverse your type 2 diabetes. These programs incorporate leading-edge diet and fitness advice that effectively transforms your lifestyle so you can shed pounds and keep them off for good.

Have you been told your Pre or Type 2 diabetes can’t be reversed?

That’s just not true. With the appropriate dietary, fitness, and lifestyle changes, it’s possible to not only eliminate pre or type 2 diabetes, but also to become the healthiest version of yourself—regardless of your age.

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Revolutionary Programs

The 90-Day Health and Fitness Challenge

It only takes 90 days to turn your life around. With our revolutionary fitness and nutrition tips, you’ll see a noticeable drop on the scale and a boost in your self-esteem. And once the three months are up, you’ll already have incorporated lifestyle changes in your daily habits that will keep you healthy for the long term.

1-on-1 Coaching

You’re not alone in your journey. Dr. Richard Kelley will be here each step of the way to provide you with personalized support and guidance to reverse your type 2 diabetes officially and permanently.

Concepts You’ll Learn in Dr. Kelley’s Programs

The Keto Response®

Kickstart your diet change with the Keto Response, which easily and seamlessly transitions you to a low-carb diet to challenge your type 2 diabetes.

The Fitness Response®

Included in Type 2 To Health® is my first book, featuring my fitness philosophy.


Ketuitivity is an intuitive ketogenic nutrition philosophy that’s easy to live by so you can maintain a balanced diet and keep your weight off permanently, all the while still enjoying flavorful and fulfilling meals.

The Kelley Advantage®

In addition to our programs, we feature an innovative supplement line, including the following:

  • Berry Full®, a stimulant-free acai berry appetite suppressant
  • Ortho Advantage ®, a calcium and vitamin D supplement
  • Lipo Advantage®, including 3 amino acids that have a role in fat metabolism
  • Vascular Edge®, an omega-3 fish oil supplement

become a Fitness Responder through our 90-day challenge!

You, too, can join the movement to transform people’s lives by becoming a fitness responder and living a healthy, fitness-based lifestyle that others will want to emulate.