Meet Richard Kelley, M.D.

I’m Dr. Richard Kelley, and I help men and women

with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes lose weight to attain healthy lifestyles.

I’m a practicing physician with a passion for helping people reach their highest potential. With a professional background as both an ER doctor and weight management physician, I implement a unique approach to physical well-being that I apply in my revolutionary weight loss, fitness, and nutrition program, Type 2 To Health®. 

For 30 years, I’ve been caring for patients in the emergency department However, my dedication to serving others didn’t stop after my shift ended. When I came to the realization that reversing type 2 diabetes was truly possible, I worked hard to develop curated resources for those suffering from the disease, so that they could regain control of their health and reach the best and strongest version of themselves. 

Fast-forward to today, I’m the proud author of The Fitness Response®, and creator of Type 2 To Health® Transformation Coaching, which features proprietary supplement lines and personalized training programs. All the meanwhile, I maintain a fulfilling family life with my wife, son, and two cats, and occasionally indulge in my love for jazz in downtown Austin’s vibrant music scene.

Have you been told your Pre or Type 2 diabetes can’t be reversed?

That’s just not true. With the appropriate dietary, fitness, and lifestyle changes, it’s possible to not only eliminate pre or type 2 diabetes, but also to become the healthiest version of yourself—regardless of your age.

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In the beginning…
I was a high school athlete before receiving my medical degree at Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine. I had gone from being in peak physical condition as an athlete, to gaining 30 pounds during medical school and the medical residency training that followed. However, I still viewed myself as the young, bulletproof athlete I’d been growing up. It wasn’t until I treated an overweight patient in the ER who had suffered a heart attack at just 34 years of age, that I realized the severity of my own dietary habits at that stage.
And then…
I decided to take my life back into my own hands, and I joined a fitness challenge. I knew that it was up to me to create the future I dreamed of, so I hit the gym and educated myself on all things diet related, by reading countless books and magazines. But while I shed some weight, I still wasn’t attaining that lean, fit look I desired, despite my hardest efforts.
My breakthrough…
One day, I reached an epiphany---the people who lost weight consistently, did so by leading a fitness-based lifestyle. These successful role models actively ‘lived the process’ of the top fitness strategies of the past 100 years. Even without medical degrees, I realized these people understood far more about transforming their bodies than most doctors did, and that all I had to do to achieve the same results, was to consistently follow in their footsteps.
But then…
My wife and I relocated from Shreveport, LA to Austin, TX where I started a new ER job. Austin was also where we opened our fitness & weight management clinic. My daily routine consisted of grinding day after day, week after week, working nights in the ER, coming home to sleep a few hours, and then seeing patients in our clinic each afternoon. My health took a blow, as did our finances, as the 2008 recession rolled in. We ultimately had to shut down our clinic, but my commitment to helping people reverse chronic conditions lived on.
My financial troubles resulted from me ignoring what was happening, and the same goes for millions of Americans ignoring their health, as insidious weight gain creeps in, causing cellular-level changes that become serious problems over time. After realizing this, I developed a fitness and weight-loss protocol that I expanded to an online platform, to reach thousands of people suffering and at risk of type 2 diabetes, to help them lose weight and keep it off for good. Type 2 diabetes can be fully reversed through effective fitness and lifestyle changes, and my goal is to guide you throughout your journey, so you can once and for all, kick your medications to the curb.
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What I Believe

Before my breakthrough, I was living my life blinded to my destructive dietary habits. By overhauling my unhealthy lifestyle and staying committed to a structured fitness plan and nutrition regime, I achieved the body and life of my dreams. With a positive attitude and unwavering willpower, you can, too.